Wellesley Massage



Since I began coming to you for massage fifteen years ago, I have yet to find your equal.


I have had the good fortune to travel many places in the world.  And I have sampled massage treatments at many fine five star hotels and top rated spas.

This is the plain truth:


You combine artistry and intuitive intelligence in your fingertips with the power of healing and strength in an extraordinary way.  I have come to believe and rely upon your ability to "fix me", when I have experienced muscle issues.  You have done this more than once, and more than once you have surprised me with information you immediately found, about compensatory muscle maneuvers, which were exacerbating a problem of which I was completely unaware.  The power of this healing has moved me to tears; has so completely relaxed me that it put me to sleep; has opened my soul a few times; and has more than once removed a chronic, continuing pain with one treatment.


I am so grateful to know you and to have access to your incredible healing touch.  You are a lovely human being and I am grateful to call you my friend.

Love you so much, Sarah.


Wellesley Massage

Fayanne Riegelhaupt

356 Washington Street - Rear Entrance

Wellesley, MA 02481